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Help Prevent and Manage Stroke with Technology

May was Stroke Awareness Month. In trying to increase stroke awareness and the resources that exist for stroke survivors, there are several

Stroke Prevention
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Electrical Stimulation + Smart Glove Program Yields Promising Results

New research accepted for publication by the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, titled “Virtual Reality Rehabilitation with

Daily Rehabilitation
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Delicate Movements are More Effective for Changes in the Brain

Research on the brain has been conducted for a very long time. Thanks to the studies, most of us now know that the brain is a very importan

Hand Rehabilitation Training
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Mirror Neurons And Stroke Rehabilitation Training

Have you ever experienced contagious yawning? There must have been a time when you saw someone yawning with his mouth open wide and unconsci

Mirror Neuron
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3 Ways to Use Games for Healthcare: Stroke Rehab, Taking Medicine and Alzheimer diagnosis

Gamification means to offer enjoyment and increase voluntary participation by including factors such as amusement, reward, and competition

Digital Rehab
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7 Ideas to Lower YOUR Risk of Stroke

May is stroke awareness month. At Neofect, Stroke Awareness Month is important to us. The company and our mission to bring rehabilitation te

Stroke Prevention
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Stroke Rehabilitation is now Fun! Thanks to RAPAEL Smart Glove

What is RAPAEL Smart Glove? The RAPAEL Smart Glove is a biofeedback system that includes an exo-glove with built-in sensors and an artificia

Rehabilitation at Home
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4 Fresh Ideas for Your Stroke Rehab Program

Stroke Rehab Can Be Boring But It Doesn’t Have To Be! Which would you rather do for your stroke recovery program? Early on in stroke recover

Stroke Rehab
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Brain Games: NEOFECT’s Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Combats Dementia, Stroke

NEOFECT, a medtech company that designs gamified rehabilitation training solutions for patients with neurological and musculoskeletal condit

Cognitive Rehabilitation
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