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Brain Games: NEOFECT’s Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Combats Dementia, Stroke

NEOFECT, a medtech company that designs gamified rehabilitation training solutions for patients with neurological and musculoskeletal condit

Cognitive Rehabilitation
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Stroke Rehab at Home Every Day With Artificial Intelligence

You must be new to home rehabilitation! We’ll guide you through stroke rehabilitation training #AtHome! Q. What is home rehabilitation? Home

Rehabilitation at Home
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3 Reasons Why Rehabilitation Treatment and Training are Needed After Stroke

Stroke is a disease that causes impairment in our bodies with blocked blood vessels or bleeding in the brain. In the US, 140 thousand people

Rehabilitation Training
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How Can Biofeedback Jumpstart Your Stroke Rehab Program?

Biofeedback can be used for the retraining of the arm and hand as a way to rehabilitate after a stroke. Following a stroke, the central path

Biofeedback System
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The Road to Stroke Recovery, Michael Eustace

“At this point I'm actually able to straighten up my fingers, and be able to close my fits. I could make my fingers dance, I could also tak

Stroke Recovery
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Children’s Hand Rehabilitation by Playing Games ‘RAPAEL Smart Kids’

The RAPAEL Smart Kids combines wearable biofeedback devices and software, which are designed to improve the recovery process for patients wi

Children Hand Rehabilitation
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Top 3 Benefits of Digital Stroke Rehabilitation and Virtual Reality

We live in such a connected world. The ability to get on a Skype call with relatives or friends across the globe makes us feel more connecte

Digital Rehab
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The Best Way to Record Stroke Rehab Result: Digital rehab

Rehabilitation and Data Science What may be the relationship between these two? Rehabilitation has traditionally relied on medical expert’s

Digital Rehab
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NEOFECT: The Reason To Develop Digital Rehab Solutions for Stroke Patients

With a warm heart, NEOFECT develops a rehab training solution that stroke or hemiplegic patients can use anytime and anywhere. Here is how

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