4 Things About Stroke - Its Concept, Symptoms, Aftereffects, Rehabilitation

Concept, Symptoms, Aftereffects, Rehabilitation of a Stroke

1.What is a stroke?

A Stroke occurs for two reasons: when the blood vessels of the brain are 1)blocked, or 2)exploded.

1) Cerebral Infarction
When the blood vessels are clogged, the oxygen supply to the brain is stopped and certain parts of the brain get damaged. This also damages the parts of the body that are connected to these brain parts, making them dysfunctional.

2) Cerebral Hemorrhage
As the vessels explode, oxygen can no longer be provided to other parts, causing damage to the parts where blood is clogged as well. This inflicts great damage to the brain, like all hell breaking loose as a flood strikes the city you live in, submerging all the houses, cars and roads.

Why is it called stroke?
The reason it is called a stroke, like the feeling you have when your head is stricken so hard by someone.

2. What are the early signs of stroke? FAST stroke

They are F.A.S.T. and you have to immediately go to hospital when you have these symptoms.


  1. F (Face Dropping): Your face trembles hard, or you feel it is getting paralyzed or dropping.
  2. A (Arm Weakness): You feel languid in your arms and legs, and numbness overtakes your body
  3. S (Speech Difficulty): You cannot pronounce words properly, and start to slur.
  4. T (Time to call 911): When you have these symptoms, immediately call 911.

If you have these symptoms, you must go to hospital as FAST as you can!

3. What happens to the body after stricken by a stroke?

When a stroke happens, it can lead to death or cause serious stroke after effects.
For example, even if you recovered from a stroke, you still can have speech difficulty or cannot move your hands, arms, or legs as freely as before. You can also go through facial paralysis, hemiplegia, or half-body paralysis if it is serious. Your mobility can be limited in these ways: you no longer find it as easy to raise your arm as before the stroke, or you cannot move your arm from the left to the right in a big motion. The same goes to your fingers. You may have difficulty holding or picking up an object, as you cannot bend your fingers or they are paralyzed as bent.

That means you will have difficulty in your daily life when you fill a cup with water, hold it and lift it to drink, or when you write with a pencil or brush your teeth.

4. How does rehabilitation exercise go after a stroke?

The reason that stroke is horrendous is it is not only painful for the patients but it can also cause great suffering for their families. As they have difficulty moving their bodies, the patients need to get assistance from their families, also causing a huge cost for treatments and trainings for rehabilitation.


RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solution is a customizable medical device for rehabilitation, which we invented to help patients do home stroke recovery exercises. With fun, the patients can do stroke recovery exercises with games at home every day. It also has an AI algorithm that assesses the patient’s conditions and arranges the game’s difficulty level in real time.

The program is also designed to keep the patients motivated for their long-term rehabilitation by setting everyday actions such as using a keyboard and writing names as the ultimate goals.

By providing regular and customized rehabilitation trainings, RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solution will greatly reduce the difficulties that come from everyday life

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