Ministroke and Stroke: What Should We Do for TIA Recovery?

What is Ministroke or TIA?

The term “ministroke” is the common nickname of a transient ischemic attack(TIA). A TIA is a temporary blood flow irruption to part of the brain. Even if ministroke sounds like it’s not a severe health problem, around 1 in 3 people who experience a ministroke experience a major stroke within a year.

What’s the difference between mini-stroke and regular stroke?
A TIA and stroke are basically the same but the symptoms of TIA are temporary, lasting only a few minutes to 24 hours. A TIA is often an early warning sign of a stroke as the risk of true stroke is very high within 48 hours after a TIA.

FAST: early warning signs of a stroke
FAST is an abbreviation to catch the early stroke symptoms of a stroke in a person.

TIA (mini-stroke) Recovery: Act Fast!

mini stroke recovery: act fast

What are the symptoms of a ministroke?
TIA symptoms are very similar to those of stroke:

  • sudden numbness or weakness on the right or left side of the face, arm, or leg
  • trouble speaking or understanding
  • difficulty seeing in one or both eyes
  • loss of balance or coordination

What should we do if you have any of these mini-stroke (TIA) symptoms?
If you have any of these symptoms, you should NOT wait until it’s gone. Do not hesitate to go to a hospital and get an urgent medical examination. Several options are available for TIAs but, if a TIA evolved to a stroke, only limited options will be left and the stroke may result in permanent damage. Act fast for your prompt mini-stroke recovery.

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