Movement and Strength of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Movement and Strength of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is defined as non-progressive lesions or damages in the brain at or before birth, leading to impairments in movement and posture.

These impairments vary from person to person, but the majority of children with cerebral palsy experience differences in muscle strength which can lead to many functional challenges throughout their lives.

movement and strength of children with cerebral palsy

As discussed in the article above, strength training in children with cerebral palsy has been shown to be beneficial particularly in improving their motor activity. In can be confusing for caregivers to objectively determine what type and frequency of strength training activity would be helpful. Evaluations such as the Pediatric Functional Muscle Test can be useful for clinicians and therapists but has limited information and applications for continued training.
It is important to know the basic principles of strength training with children with cerebral palsy before starting any program.

strength training for children with cerebral palsy

Strength training for children with cerebral palsy

  1. Repetition!
    Children with cerebral palsy often have difficulty activating certain muscle groups. In order to effectively strengthen these muscle groups, training should focus on repetition of postures or activities that encourage movement in these areas.

  2. Find the right tools!
    In order for a training program to be effective the child needs to be able to understand and engage in the instructed movements.

  3. Positioning!
    Engaging in the activity with good posture will enhance the effectiveness of the training

rapael smart kids for cerebral palsy

The “RAPAEL Smart Kids”, was specifically developed for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. The light weight silicone design attaches easily to the wrist and hand without strain or irritation to the child. The dynamic programming motivates kiddos to consistently want to train by maintaining their enthusiasm through the use of gaming. Caregivers and therapists can access objective measures of the child’s progress through detailed results of each game based training activity. The intelligent algorithm allows the software to adapt programming sequences to the individual user’s needs. Check out the website for more information on the Rapael Smart Kids and similar products.

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