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5 Ways Games Can Increase Brain Health After Stroke

Written by guest writer and stroke survivor, Peter Evans Did you know games can help increase your brain health? We think that’s pretty cool

Stroke Recovery
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5 Symptoms of a Stroke on the Left Side of the Brain

The brain is made up of 2 hemispheres, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Each hemisphere is responsible for controlling differe

Left Sided Stroke
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5 Symptoms of a Stroke on the Right Side of the Brain

A stroke might look different depending on which side of your brain it affects. For example, if the left side of the body is affected, then

Right Sided Stroke
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All about the Brain: Brain Structure, Common Diseases, and Injury Prevention

Although we are not yet able to cure all illnesses, the continued development of cutting-edge medicine is believed to be capable of treating

All about Brain
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Can you Control whether or not you have a Stroke?

You may be wondering if you are likely to have a stroke in the future. Well, there is no way to determine for sure who will and who will not

Stroke Prevention
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Understanding Your Brain and Stroke

*The Brain, the Most Important Human Organ An adult’s brain weighs only about 3 lbs, but it is known to be one of the most important organs

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Neuroplasticity: Why It Matters to Stroke Patients' Rehabilitation

Neuroplasticity for Stroke Paitents' Rehabilitation If you have been in rehabilitation for a brain injury, such as trauma or a stroke, you

Lauren Sheehan