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What is foot drop?

Various neurologic or orthopedic conditions can result in a condition of the lower extremity called foot drop. Foot drop occurs when changes

Dropfoot Management
Jinyoung Cho

3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Home Health Services

Many people get discharged from an inpatient rehab setting and are told that they will receive home health services when they return home. H

Home Health Service
Sunny Kim

Back to School: Keeping up with your Child’s Hemiparesis Exercises

Back to School: Keeping up with your Child’s Hemiparesis Exercises Back to school can bring a variety of challenges for any family. I can be

Back to School
Sunny Kim

Global Trend of Artificial Intelligence Healthcare 1: U.S. and Europe

Major countries including U.S., Europe, Japan, and South Korea are focusing on policy capacities to their industrial development and investm

Artificial Intelligence
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Is There a Good Diet for Stroke?

What are some good foods for a stroke survivor to eat? There is not a particular recommended diet for stroke survivors who are recovering. O

Good Habits for Stroke
Sunny Kim

Why You Should Start In-Home Rehabilitation

Should I Start In-Home Rehabilitation? If you are involved in rehabilitation after an injury or illness, you likely know that starting rehab

Rehabilitation at Home
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The Meaning of the Name NEOFECT and RAPAEL

Welcome to RAPAEL Home Blog! Do you by chance know what RAPAEL is and what it means? This post will introduce you NEOFECT and RAPAEL. The me

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Smart Rehabilitation Training Games for hemiplegia at home

NEOFECT’s RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provide rehabilitation and training through games for patients recovering from medical episo

Digital Rehab
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Using Brain Plasticity to Supercharge Your Brain for Stroke Recovery

Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, is a term used by neuroscientists that refers to the brain's ability to change and grow at

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