The Meaning of the Name NEOFECT and RAPAEL

Welcome to RAPAEL Home Blog! Do you by chance know what RAPAEL is and what it means? This post will introduce you NEOFECT and RAPAEL.

The meaning of the name NEOFECT

NEOFECT is a company that develops solutions for smart digital rehabilitation exercise. In order to overcome the loss of interest in the existing repetitive rehabilitation process and to supplement the time and place restrictions of it, NEOFECT has been developing the smart digital rehabilitation equipment. We combine game, a clear instigator of amusement, to rehabilitation making the training more entertaining and long-lasting.

The company’s name NEOFECT is a combination of NEO, which is a Greek prefix meaning "novelty", with the word “Effect.” Thereby the name contains the connotation of "creating a new effect". It includes the aspiration to be an innovative company that will create a new paradigm of rehabilitation. Also, the name connects with its brand name RAPAEL.

The meaning of the name RAPAEL


The name RAPAEL derived from the "name of a kindhearted Angel who heals the pain inside a human." The name possesses the intention to cure stroke patients, children with developmental disabilities, and others who need rehabilitation training through appropriate exercise. While looking for an appropriate word from various languages, the word "Raphael" in Hebrew has come up.


Currently, NEOFECT has developed a software called RAPAEL Solution and linked it with the rehabilitation equipment hardware, furthermore providing rental service or actual sales of this product. The recent RAPAEL lineups include RAPAEL Smart Glove, RAPAEL Smart Kids, RAPAEL Smart Board, RAPAEL Smart Pegboard and RAPAEL Comcog.

Amongst them, the RAPAEL Smart Glove, which won the CES 2017 Innovation Awards, has been developed to enable patients with central nervous system disorders such as stroke, to rehabilitate their fingers, wrists and lower arms through various rehabilitation games.

More than 40 rehabilitation games will make patients feel as if they are playing a video game while having both the visual and auditory senses stimulated simultaneously. This will help patients improve their brain plasticity and aid in the relearning of exercising regions in brain. In addition, it is designed so that the analyzed data measured during training will, through the Artificial Intelligence, end up providing a variety of training game tasks tailored to the patient's condition, motivating him or her. While wearing the RAPAEL Smart Glove, patients with stroke or nervous system injuries will be trained to stretch, grasp and bend their hands as they play the game on the screen. They will be able to learn the movements needed in daily life by repeating games of grabbing a cup, painting, squeezing an orange or throwing a ball.


To prevent stroke patients from experiencing discomfort in their everyday lives, RAPAEL Smart Glove, through the attached sensors, offer integrated data by acutely measuring and analyzing the patient’s movement in games.
This will allow the patient to enjoy the repetitive training. Just like the implication of the company name and the brand name, NEOFECT will do its best to provide patients with better rehabilitation equipment and rehabilitation conditions.. For more information about NEOFECT and RAPAEL, please visit the website!

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